With lakhs of people emigrating for work and lifestyle purposes, Bengaluru has long sinceestablished itself...
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With lakhs of people emigrating for work and lifestyle purposes, Bengaluru has long since
established itself as a sought-after hub for families. Aside from indigenous Bengalureans,
most migrants live in small, nuclear families compared to joint families. Hence, what you
expect from a home in the city can differ significantly in the case of nuclear families.
Here, we list a few facilities you should look for when looking for a house for your small

Play Area for Kids

Young children learn when they explore the outside by playing outside. The act of indulging
in fun time in a children’s play teaches kids about communicating, making friends, and
teaming up. So, always look for a neighborhood or a project that has a play area where your
kids can partake in fun activities.

Proximity to Schools

Going to school should be an exciting experience for kids rather than a tiring one. Hence,
you should always find a neighborhood with good schools, so your children don’t risk
exhaustion to gain quality education.

 Hospitals Nearby

Medical emergencies can occur at any time. You may need to seek a doctor’s attention
immediately to keep yourself or your family safe. Hence, proximity to hospitals should
always be a factor when looking to buy a home in Bengaluru.

Uninterrupted Power/Water Supply

The Silicon Valley of India has grown exponentially over the last decade. Facilities like power
and water supply aren’t exclusively available to their fullest across all neighborhoods. Your
priority should be to find a complex that offers your uninterrupted power and water supply
to ensure you can lead your life without worries.

Garbage Disposal

Waste generation in Bengaluru has been growing at an alarming pace. While that isn’t a
concerning factor on its own, the fact that there isn’t a uniform management system in place
for all localities is. That’s why you should take a look at the waste management systems at
complexes or neighborhoods you are planning to buy a home.


Let’s face it. The universal truth across all cities around the world is that some localities are
safer than others. Typically, lower-income areas with dense populations have higher safety
concerns than middle-class and upper-middle-class surroundings.
The difference between these types of neighborhoods is often in the price. Never
compromise on safety for the sake of saving a few lakh rupees.
You can put all these concerns away when you buy an apartment from 5 Elements Realty.
We are one of the oldest developers in Bengaluru with unmatched experience in delivering
world-class projects for thousands of nuclear families. To know more, call us at 91 99026
78888 or visit our office at 5 Elements Realty 303, Brigade Corner, 110/73, Kanakapura Main
Road, Jayanagar 7th Block. Our dedicated sales team will arrange for you to visit all our
homes to help you find your dream home.

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