The feeling of buying your first ever house is overwhelming. It is a string of...
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The feeling of buying your first ever house is overwhelming. It is a string of emotions that cannot be explained in words. While for some it drives the feeling of satisfaction, for others, it sows the seeds of satisfaction. Keeping all the emotions aside, there are an array of things to keep in mind for first-time home buyers.
2022 is already here! Owning a home is becoming everyone’s dream. However, people lack the understanding of the fundamental aspects that go into the process of becoming a house owner for the first time.
Irrespective of which stage you are stuck at in the process of making a home yours for the first time, this blog is going to be your encyclopedia. Let’s get started then!

‘Find a beautiful location and get lost’

Location is the atom of the process of buying a house. This is in fact the fundamental step on which first-time home buyers stumble upon.
• ‘Where do I buy a house?
• ’Which area in the city do I go to?

While there are hundreds of such questions, it is important to address the very basic question. Ask yourself
• Where do you see yourself living for the next 10 years at least?
• Do you see yourself living amidst the roaring metropolitan cities with easy access to
• Do you rather see yourself living in rural landscapes with a scenic view and aesthetic
• What are you benefitting by choosing to stay at the heart of a metropolitan city?
• It is at this stage you want to answer questions like these and more?
• Is the school nearby the chosen location a premier institute offering the best
education for your children?

This research might take some time but this is a decision not to take lightly as this will decide your living experience for the next decade at least. To achieve this, it is important to find the best children in the city, and in the city of Bengaluru, 5 Elements Reality offers a wide array of modern houses in varying places in the city.

BudGET determines what you get!

Buying a house is essential but it’s more essential to understand the financial brackets of oneself before choosing a house to avoid over committing, which is where various housing schemes and reduced rates of interest can come in handy.
The budget one selects then opens a myriad of housing builders. This step validates other steps in the process of buying houses. It is important to choose builders who offer cost-effective housing options. In this aspect, 5 Elements Reality’s projects are well designed to offer economical houses in the center of the city.

A professional home inspection is a must!

At this point, you would have selected a house to buy. One of the significant steps new home buyers most often ignore or are generally unaware of is hiring a professional home inspection officer. Unless you have collaborated with a professional and trustworthy builder, it is widely recommended to get a home inspection done by a professional before you head to make a purchase. From ceiling to flooring, a home inspection keeps all the facts about the house in front of you. This helps you in making an informed decision that you won’t regret later. 5 Elements Reality is an award-winning builder in Bengaluru offering first-class housing options.

What is the resale value?

A rather important factor to keep in mind is the resale value you have earned by making this purchase. The resale value determines the value you are most likely to get in return. This not only adds to the probability of prospective buyers in the future, but it also makes your house a strong contender in the real estate market.

Rental rates = Passive income

Determining rental rates in the locality is an imperative element to consider before buying a house for the first time. Choosing a house in a locality with high-rent rates acts as passive income to the buyer. In addition to giving financial advantages to the buyer, it gives the satisfaction of owning a house in a prominent area in the city.
First-time home buyers are always filled with anticipation and anxiety. The process can be dreading and this blog helps you understand some of the basic elements that need to be addressed while buying a house for the first time.

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