Impact of Coronavirus on Real-Estate

Corona virus impact on Real estate
7 January, 2022

Impact of Coronavirus on Real-Estate

Coronavirus has impacted every tiny atom on planet earth. The question of whether the impact of coronavirus is over or not is a different question altogether, but the question that remains is what is the impact of coronavirus on life. Let’s talk real estate. Perhaps one of the only few industries in the world that witnessed a skyrocket is real-estate.
Real-estate trends are evolving. However, a blow like the pandemic made irrevocable changes to the fate of real estate in India. In this blog, we discuss some of the real-estate trends that gave the country a surprise visit since the pandemic.

The demand for uncluttered spaces

The pandemic has risen to give a wake-up call to the consciousness of consumers. The
pandemic has opened the possibilities of uncluttered living spaces. The demand for cleaner
spaces with privacy is growing to become number one priority for consumers. Homebuyers
as well are looking for uncluttered residential spaces that guarantee a much safer living in
the world of uncertainty. 5 Elements Reality is one of the best builders in Bengaluru offering
world-class residential spaces in every nook and corner of the city

Peripheral areas come to the forefront

The common word ‘outskirts’ is no more out of the city. The outskirts of all metropolitan cities
especially are gaining immense significance. As these areas offer the sanctity and a sense
of calmness that the core areas of the city are unable to offer, residential spaces have
skyrocketed significantly since the inception of the pandemic in the country.

Sustainability is not to be ignored

The word ‘green’ has never been so important in real estate. Home buyers are increasingly
considering sustainability factor in their lookout for new homes. From solar panels to
energy-saving bulbs, real estate sector is evaluating sustainable methods in their projects
right from the construction phase.

Hygiene is primary

This needs no justification. The pandemic has evoked the utmost truth of life. Hygiene is
primary and there is no other way out. So much so that hygiene is a deal-breaker to
homebuyers. This is where the locality comes into the picture. The hygiene of the locality, in
general, takes the front seat in this aspect. Secondly, the hygiene of the neighbourhood and
the residential space also casts an equal impact on the home buying decision.
Coronavirus has caused an upheaval in all our lives. Nonetheless, it has unveiled some of
the fundamental yet critical aspects to implement to live a well-rounded life. 5 Elements
Reality is one such builder in the city of Bengaluru offering comprehensive residential

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