Buying an apartment in Bangalore & mistakes you should avoid!

Buying an apartment in Bangalore
25 April, 2022

Buying an apartment in Bangalore & mistakes you should avoid!

The real estate market happens to be the place that houses numerous fraudulent activities, but is also the most profitable field to conduct fraudulent activities, and buying an apartment in Bangalore should be done after thorough research, or at least after you’re done with this article. We at 5 Elements know how important of a decision you are making here and also what an amazing thing we are doing by providing homes to families looking forward to buying an apartment in Bangalore. We have socially created this article for you to be aware of the common mistakes customers make while finalising on homes.

Essentials over Flashy Details!

No matter how amazing the house looks to the onlookers, make sure you pay extra extra attention to the essentials that dictate everyday living. Revolve around your personal needs, no one is going to judge you on this basis, but make sure that the place you are going to call home, actually invites you in the most homely and comfortable way.

People often stumble upon appearances when buying an apartment in Bangalore and end up regretting the deal later on. A thorough examination of the essentials you require and the essentials the home will provide takes the biggest spot in the game of house hunting!

Smaller down payments are a red flag!

Somewhat similar to the point above, smaller down payments somehow flash brighter than the looks when buying an apartment in Bangalore. But taking that bait would simply mean that you’re the victim to possibly some of the biggest payments you will make ahead!

Smaller down payments mean bigger payments in the near future, and the way they will burn a hole in your wallet, is the negative aspect we are trying to convey here. Bigger down payments actually maintain a considerably low pressure over the monthly payments. This in turn gives you leeway to prepare for unexpected payments and can also help stabilise your savings further.

Avoid hasty loan scheme decisions

Buying an apartment in Bangalore or any other place in this world requires good financial assistance, which in other words is known as taking loans. The fact that committing to a reliable loan scheme is tough and requires research is inevitable and is a must! Two of India’s biggest loan providers are SBI and LIC, but there are several other sources which can provide you with loans for the same. The only drawback is that they can actually dupe you by pulling you into a free market scheme and can give you a bunch of big payments, leaving your wallet feeling lighter by the day!

Research over Procrastination

Many people don’t consider a lot of options while buying an apartment in Bangalore, but we all should remember one thing, Options are everything!

Make sure you have ample options to fall back on. Researching can bring out the properties that speak to you! Try contacting your peers in the locality, consider other neighbourhoods, visit other projects, contact the best contractors and builders in the city. Researching can actually bring out the best options the city can give you, whereas hasting in this decision is somewhat like leaving a cinema simply after watching the trailers, and not the movie! Make sure you have plenty of options to choose from, patience here can do wonders!

Hasting through the documentation

Contractors can rush you through the necessary paperwork, but you should keep in mind while buying an apartment in Bangalore that hasting through these things is simply saving their time and not yours! Most of them can get you by sweet-talking you into going straight to the next level. You should always get the property and its papers checked by a lawyer by spending mere thousands, and end up saving lakhs. Never haste through the paperworks. Make sure you double-check them if necessary.

Fairytale schemes and their place in story books

Schemes can sometimes seem too pretty, and then later on turn out to be the devil in disguise! Absolutely no company in this world can provide good properties at sheepish rates. That is just not possible. You need to spend a couple bucks to get your hns on a property that overlooks the rest, and to get such quality, you definitely have to spend extra, because you get what you give.


Making mistakes is common, but not every contractor or agent would be like us. We at 5 Elements ensure that you are successfully kept on a pedestal at all times in terms of services and quality living spaces. We have successfully housed more than 300 families which were looking to buying an apartment in Bangalore. Our all round service helps you get a better picture of the city and how it can help you lead a healthy life! Make sure you make the most of the city and choose only the absolute best at all times!

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