Amenities to check before buying 2bhk & 3bhk flats in Bangalore

Buy 2bhk & 3bhk flats in Bangalore
25 April, 2022

Amenities to check before buying 2bhk & 3bhk flats in Bangalore

What do you look for in a home? Perhaps the neighbourhood, the luxury, or sometimes the surroundings. If you are one of those looking to buy 2bhk & 3bhk flats in Bangalore, then we request you to go through this article before flat jumping to finalise your pick. We have specifically stated the 5 basic amenities you should keep a check on before taking your pick!

1. Cross ventilation and natural lighting

Imagine living in a skyscraper on the 25th floor, or even the 10th floor, and not having proper airflow or sunlight in your apartment. Regardless of it being a 2bhk & 3bhk flats in Bangalore, having proper cross ventilation in your apartment and a healthy flow of sunlight is essential. It can actually affect your daily living in a negative manner and can pose heavy drawbacks for you and your family. Apart from that, make sure your kitchen and bathrooms have proper ventilation, as even these can bring heavy damage to your living spaces if not taken care of.

2. Properly constructed roads

You can make do with the impending rush hours that are so relevant in Bangalore, but no one would let bad roads be, and the pun was strongly intended! How you start your day matters a lot, and how would you expect to have a good beginning when the ditches and bumps are preventing you from keeping a healthy mindset. Make sure about the roads surrounding your 2bhk & 3bhk flats in Bangalore. Bad roads can also cause health problems, which can then bite back in the long run! Make sure the roads are accessible and well maintained.

3. Water supply situation

Bangalore has been facing water supply issues for a long time now. You need to make sure that the area of your 2bhk & 3bhk flats in Bangalore have a good water supply. This factor, if not taken care of can affect you both monetarily and healthwise.
Water is essential for daily living, and making sure of this thing can actually also help you tackle the rest!

4. Security

Make sure you choose a gated facility if you’re out there choosing the best 2bhk & 3bhk flats in Bangalore. Gated societies are always preferable when it comes to those looking for ample security. CCTVs, trained and known security officials from a well known security agency, and a good neighbourhood are the best forms of good security.

5. Parking facility

A similar thought process would have hit you when you bought that car of yours, but would you park it on the road, exposed to all that risky traffic and senseless drivers?
This amenity happens to be one of the most neglected ones, and we simply HAD to bring it out here for you guys looking out for 2bhk & 3bhk flats in Bangalore. Make sure your realtor has kept ample parking space, keeping the total population of the apartment’s residents in mind! Check whether you have enough space to take out your car without shattering someone else’s hopes keeping theirs safe!

6. Acoustics

Good acoustic barriers are essential wherever you live. Who would like to know that people not living with them know of the topics running inside one’s house. Do make sure of the acoustic aesthetics of the 2bhk & 3bhk flats in Bangalore that you finalise on it. It would seem funny, but who’s to judge you!?


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