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5 elements realty evolved into a real estate giant in Bangalore thanks to the constant commitment to client experience and satisfaction. Established in 2003 and with over 35 successful projects under our belt, we understand that we are building dreams for our clients. This inspires us to go above and beyond to ensure an unmatched living experience for our clients at prices that are quite affordable. Transparency of investment and on-time delivery have been the cornerstone of our business mantra which has set us leagues apart from the scenario of the urban metropolis of Bangalore. Properties spread throughout the city have also ensured that we have a multitude of clients from different tiers of society and we have something to offer for everyone.

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Over 18 years of experience

We put our rich expertise to good use to ensure a lifestyle like no other, one that will keep you happy for life! 

Our journey started in 2003 when Mr.Kashinath took over a small construction company that his father was running. Thus, 5 elements realty was born. With little experience but a lot of ambition and commitment, we took up small residential projects in South Bangalore. The construction industry has been as infamous as it has been lucrative. The vision of 5 elements realty was to build a brand that could be trusted, that had the client in focus and that put the client before profit every time. We knew the company works on bringing lifelong dreams to life and appreciate the trust our clients place in us by giving us this responsibility.

We slowly expanded to other areas of Bangalore, putting one foot after the other and taking things one at a time. Our understanding of our customers and their requirements guided us to find the right property for the client and to execute client requests at no additional costs. Our business model hinges on transparency of funds and investments as well as a timely delivery of quality construction. The company takes immense pride and joy in materializing dreams and is willing to take home less monetary profits as long as we deliver a perfect fit to our clients. The goodwill of our clients is more precious to 5 elements realty.

What sets us apart is that our buildings do not go into the open market until 50% of the construction is completed. We do not ask for investments based on an idea, but on a visible structure. Our clients have a very clear picture on how their investments are being used for the project and we ensure that not even a penny from one project is used to compensate any other project costs. This is the legacy we wish to leave and are delighted to be living by it for 18 years successfully.


Our Goals

Our primary focus is to create contemporary, appealing and functional homes that inspire, refresh and bring a sense of belonging

We aim to create vibrant, supportive and cohesive communities of people that bring diversity and enrich the inhabitants and society

We ensure that all our stakeholders’ interests are fulfilled by developing a sustainable business model.

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