Have you decided to buy a house in Bengaluru? You have a crucial step ahead of you — checking whether all the documents are in place! That’s right, having all …

Have you decided to buy a house in Bengaluru? You have a crucial step ahead of you —
checking whether all the documents are in place! That’s right, having all the necessary paperwork is an essential step in the buying process since you are about to take up a financial obligation for life.

Here is a list of documents you need to check before buying a house in Bangalore.

The Mother Deed

The mother deed is one of the most crucial documents concerning a property. It gives you a list of all the people who previously owned the property. When you apply for a loan, the bank asks you for a copy of the mother deed as part of their due diligence to ensure the property is legally clear.

To get a mother deed, you need to approach the zonal registrar’s office the house belongs to and pay the required fees.

Sale Deed

The sale deed is a legal document that documents the sale between two or more parties, i.e., you and the seller. Once registered, the deed acts as your proof of ownership of the property in question. As per prevailing rules, a sale deed needs to be registered within four months of the date of execution.

Encumbrance Certificate

An encumbrance certificate gives you details of any legal proceedings or uncleared loans or mortgages the property is subject of. Getting the certificate stands as evidence of free title and ownership.

Construction Approvals

A property needs to have all the necessary approvals from relevant authorities. For instance, the floor plan needs to be approved by the local municipal or metropolitan body. You should also check for necessary approvals from the local electricity, sewage, water, and fire department to ensure you receive power, water, and also to ensure there is a fire safety protocol in place.

Completion and Possession Certificate

As the name suggests, the completion certificate is the official document that states that the construction of a project is complete. It also ensures that the developer has carried out all the regulatory checks to certify that the property is fit for use. The possession letter, on the other hand, is a letter provided by the developer stating that you can take possession.

Occupancy Certificate

Lastly, the occupancy certificate is a no-objection certificate the regional municipal authority provides a property stating that the project is fit for occupation. Failing to get an OC may result in hefty fines for the buyer or the demolition of the property.

Khata Certificate

A Khata is a document provided by the revenue department. It consists of all the details relating to a property, such as the size, location, and built-up area. A Khata certificate is necessary to obtain a home loan and to receive electricity and water supply to your house.
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